Key English Catalan
about.enterpriseEditione1 Enterprise Edition
about.teamEditiont1 Enterprise Edition
about.title About {appTitle}
announcment_banner.dont_show_again Don't show again {addedUsername} added to the channel by {username}.
apps.error Error: {error}
apps.error.command.field_missing Required fields missing: `{fieldName}`.
apps.error.command.unknown_channel Unknown channel for field `{fieldName}`: `{option}`.
apps.error.command.unknown_option Unknown option for field `{fieldName}`: `{option}`.
apps.error.command.unknown_user Unknown user for field `{fieldName}`: `{option}`.
apps.error.form.no_call `call` is not defined.
apps.error.form.no_form `form` is not defined.
apps.error.form.no_lookup_call performLookupCall is not defined
apps.error.form.refresh There has been an error fetching the select fields. Contact the app developer. Details: {details}
apps.error.form.refresh_no_refresh Called refresh on no refresh field.
apps.error.form.submit.pretext There has been an error submitting the modal. Contact the app developer. Details: {details}
apps.error.lookup.error_preparing_request Error preparing lookup request: {errorMessage}
apps.error.parser Parsing error: {error}
apps.error.parser.empty_value empty values are not allowed
apps.error.parser.missing_binding Missing command bindings.