Key English Portuguese
gallery.download_file Download file
gallery.footer.channel_name Shared in {channelName}
gallery.open_file Open file
gallery.unsuppored Preview is not supported for this file type
mobile.channel_loader.still_loading Still trying to load your content... {index} of {total} Unable to open the link. Error
mobile.mailTo.error.text Unable to open an email client.
mobile.mailTo.error.title Error
mobile.oauth.failed_to_login Your login attempt failed. Please try again.
mobile.oauth.failed_to_open_link The link failed to open. Please try again.
mobile.oauth.restart_login Restart login
mobile.oauth.something_wrong Something went wrong
mobile.oauth.something_wrong.okButon OK
mobile.oauth.switch_to_browser Please use your browser to complete the login process.
mobile.oauth.try_again Try again
mobile.prepare_file.failed_description An error occurred while preparing the file. Please try again.
mobile.prepare_file.failed_title Preparing failed
mobile.prepare_file.text Preparing