Key English Persian
api.admin.saml.failure_reset_authdata_to_email.app_error Failed to reset AuthData field to Email. Error invalidating cache Webhook event was not handled. Either it is missing or it is not valid.
api.command_channel_header.update_channel.max_length The text entered exceeds the character limit. The channel header is limited to {{.MaxLength}} characters.
api.command_channel_purpose.update_channel.max_length The text entered exceeds the character limit. The channel purpose is limited to {{.MaxLength}} characters. Accept an invitation from an external Mattermost instance
api.command_remote.accept_invitation Invitation accepted and confirmed.
SiteURL: {{.SiteURL}}
api.command_remote.accept_invitation.error Could not accept invitation: {{.Error}}
api.command_remote.add_remote.error Could not add secure connection: {{.Error}}
api.command_remote.cluster_removed Secure connection {{.RemoteId}} {{.Result}}.
api.command_remote.decode_invitation.error Could not decode invitation: {{.Error}}
api.command_remote.desc Invite secure connections for communication across Mattermost instances. Secure connection display name
api.command_remote.displayname.hint A display name for the secure connection
api.command_remote.encrypt_invitation.error Could not encrypt invitation: {{.Error}}
api.command_remote.fetch_status.error Could not fetch secure connections: {{.Error}}
api.command_remote.hint [action]
api.command_remote.incorrect_password.error Could not decrypt invitation. Incorrect password or corrupt invitation: {{.Error}} Invitation from secure connection
api.command_remote.invitation.hint The encrypted invitation from a secure connection